Series of photos of a demo bout by Tom and Steve

STANDBY: We are still developing our final class list, so please check back for updates!

Whether this is your first WMAW or your eleventh, this year's Workshop will expose you to a wide-variety of new ideas, skills, methodologies and research by some of the finest instructors in the Western Martial Arts community.

About the Class Categories

We are proud to offer a diverse curriculum of classes, lectures, demonstrations and workshops, aimed at a variety of skill levels. For newcomers, those without regular training, or attendees looking to refine their basics, we recommend you pay special attention to the Body Mechanics, Physical Conditioning and Training for WMA classes, which are being offered on Thursday to help prepare you for the rest of the weekend. Concurrent Pedagogical Training and Curriculum Development classes are being offered for those who wish to develop their teaching ability, and are specifically designed to help determine how to work with historical source material, what to teach, how to teach it, and how to translate those drills and exercises into practical application. The remaining General classes are broadly divided by topic: Medieval Weapon Arts (Pre-1500), Renaissance and Early Modern Weapon Arts (Post-1500) and Close Quarters Combat, are aimed at a wide variety of interests and skill levels, and occur in roughly 60 min, 90 min and three hour increments. Finally, as in previous years, there will also be a number of Lectures & Presentations throughout the weekend, designed to help give historical context or to present new research.

As you review the class roster and schedule, remember that most classes must be pre-registered and have attendance limits. Classes that are not Lectures & Presentations have a maximum attendance of 40 students, unless otherwise noted.